Puppies For Sale 3 & 4 year old goldens, intact male and female

Puppies For Sale 
						3 & 4 year old goldens, intact male and female

we have 3 golden retrievers, a male (the big English cream, white pictures) is a direct import from denmark. OFA good. and 2 females. the male is 4 and the females are 3 and 4.They do not need to go together but they are all good together too.Both females are possibly bred as they have been with him. The breeder who had them before is moving to breeding a different breed and no longer wanted them.We took them to help place them. We want them in homes that will treat them as pets, not just as breeding dogs.The male we call Newt, (not sure if any of them had names) is outstanding in both conformation and temperament. Great with other dogs of both sexes, chickens, horses, we don’t have cats but I would imagine that wouldn’t be a problem. He has been great with everyone he has met here. I don’t have small children though the breeder he came from had at least 3 very small children. He is outgoing, relaxed, not super high energy, likes to play and just be with us. Quiet in a crate, not fully housebroken but probably would be there in a matter of just a couple weeks work.1st female we call River, she is 3, very light colored. She is friendly and good with other dogs and people. She is timid of new things and would need someone to be patient with her but she tries very hard and will go over our agility equipment. She is just starting some obedience work and is doing quite well, learns quickly and her only drawback is that she lived in a kennel and didn’t have anyone to love on her so she is shy.2nd female is Leah, she is 4, light cream/buff color. She is sweet, quiet, likes to play but not real high energy. She has picked up a lot of beginning obedience very quickly. She is crate trained, quiet and easy going. She is great with every animal we have had around her including a young pup who was incredibly annoying but she either ignored or played with him.All of them have had vaccines/worming. All of them will need Rabies at the beginning of the year 2021. They are all full-blooded Golden and all were registered but the breeder said that he wasn’t sure about releasing the papers. At this point we wanted to get them homes no matter what the status of their papers was.Please be aware that both females may be pregnant. I have not had them ultrasounded or palpated to confirm this.Each dog is 1500.If you want some video or have questions on each one please call me, we may also be getting one more from him that may or may not be pregnant as well. 5 seven 4-329- three435