Puppies For Sale Akc mastiff adult

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						Akc mastiff adult

Sweet, protective, loyal. She deserves a good home that will cherish her forever. Shes 100% potty trained. She is used to being let out into the back yard but loves walks as well. Shes an indoor dog who just wants to be at your feet. Shell follow you around from room to room like a true mastiff. I will be extremely picky were she goes. Ill need to talk to you on the phone and Ill need to deliver her to your home to make sure you have been honest about everything.She does not like cats. She really wants to be the only dog but if you have a male that is large or giant breed she will probably be fine. She needs a home without children or with children over ten. Shes not super playful. Shed be best with a retired couple or singleton. I love her to death but I cant dedicate time to her like she deserves.DOB 1/11/16