Puppies For Sale AKC Powderpuffs ( 3 boys & 3 girls)

Puppies For Sale 
						AKC Powderpuffs ( 3 boys & 3 girls)

These fluffy pups are called Powderpuffs. They are the hairy version of the well known Chinese Crested Dog. If you are looking for a smart, athletic, extremely versatile breed that can be trimmed to look like a teddy bear, a terrier or a pint sized Afghan hound… Look no further! These guys originated in Africa and are one of the ancient breeds. They acquired their name after being bought by Chinese sailers to be used as ratting dogs on ships and then later they were used as bed warmers in wealthy households due to them being non shedding and hypoallergenic.Chinese Cresteds are a seriously underrated and misunderstood! Crossbred hairless dogs often win the title of worlds ugliest dog but a well bred chinese crested is anything but ugly… These guys gather attention anywhere you go and are truly models of the dog world. They have funny elf like personalities, super family oriented in their demeanor and are often called Velcro pups, as they will follow you everywhere!They come in many colors, shapes and sizes… Ears can be erect or dropped, rounded or pointed. Typically in the United States you find they are 6-12lbs and 10-13 tall full grown, making them a Toy breed.They love cuddles and play time. Great with kids and elderly alike. They adapt well to any living situation whether it be an apartment or farm life. They conform to their families very easily and are not yappy like other small breeds. Do you like to jog or hike? Want a buddy to snooze on the sofa? You guessed it, They are happy in any home, at any activity level as long as they are with you and making you happy!!! Chinese Cresteds are without a doubt my absolute favorite dog breed and its a fact… Once you have had one, you will always want one! :)All puppies are from champion lineage and AKC parents with amazing trainable temperaments free from genetic disorders. They will come with a puppy pack, vet check, worming records, first vaccination.Puppys are currently 3 weeks old and will be ready to leave at 8 weeks (October 15th) as per NH State laws.I can deliver or meet locally up to 2 hours from Dublin NH. Shipping and costs to any other States will be up to the buyer.Prices below are for limited AKC. Pet homes with spay/neuter contracts. I am not looking to sell to breeders.Boys Available:
1. Black & white patch boy- $1500
2. Sable & white boy- $1500
3. Wolf Sable tri color boy- $1800Girls Available:1. Sable tri girl-$1800
2. White Tri color patch girl- $1800
3. Red sable tri girl-$1800I require a non refundable $200 deposit to hold your chosen puppy until ready to leave. This will be taken off the remaining balance on pick up. (We accept PayPal for deposit then cash on pick up for remaining balance) You will receive regular pupdates, photos and videos of puppy, until he or she is ready to go and I will start using desired name for early training.If you have any questions please reach out! Thank you 🙂