Puppies For Sale BEWARE!!!

Puppies For Sale 

These people sold me a sick, dying dog and knew she was sick but continued to sell the dog. I drove 4 hours from Florida to Georgia and paid $1,000 for a dog I thought and was told was in good health and that had vet records. Even 15 minutes of having the puppy in my possession, I kindly texted the woman and asked for my money back because I felt like the puppy was very sick and it wasnt just the dewormer she gave the puppy as she said. After driving home with the pup slowly dying in my car, I woke up early this morning to find the puppy had passed. I didnt even have the puppy for 12 hours before she died. And when I kindly asked if I could have my money back and that I would drive all that way to them, I was told different excuses as to why I couldnt get my money. And one of the excuses being Since the puppy was now in my care its up to me to figure it out. I am now out of $1,000 and a puppy that my kids were so happy to have. I am wanting to put this out there so no one else gets scammed or tries to buy a puppy from these sick people thinking theyre getting a family pet just for the puppy to die on them hours later.