Puppies For Sale Cutest imperial shitzu new england babies! Ready all shots & rabies, Ma, Ct/ To / Nh/ nj 1 tmicto tinyr possible

Groomed, vet checked twice & shots complete for a full year, groomed, nails filed, potty trained, socialized. Family raised, top quality foods! Some are older pups all vetted done & some younger and tinier. One baby is tracking in 3.8 lbs LoL. She of course is higher priced. And newest and tinies are. Range in prices . Most 2799-3299 & up depending Qualitycolors etc beautiful babies! One micro tiny charting 3.8 lbs !! She is priced as so. Some others still to be 5-6 , and bigger to be up to 8. 2799 -uo