Puppies For Sale German Shepherd needs new home

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						German Shepherd needs new home

Mya is a wonderful 7 yr old spayed female German Shepherd. She is well behaved, crate trained, housebroken, leash & partial off leash trained and very loving. She prefers females to males. She gets along with large & small dogs but should be the only dog in the home. Her issue is that she has stress/exercise induced collapse. So if she plays to hard, gets overly excited or stressed out she will collapse and her muscles will seize up leaving her incapable of walking for a few minutes until she relaxes. She is very capable of leading a completely normal life without any issues. She hasn’t had an episode in a very long time. Her current owner loves her very much but recently broke her leg and last year broke her hip. So she doesnt think shell ever be able to walk her again and she used to walk her a couple miles a day. Ive been helping her out and walking Mya for her. Mya and I are very bonded and I would take her in a second if I could but my situation doesnt allow it right now. Her ideal home would be with a single woman and no other dogs in the house or possibly an older dog that doesnt want to play very much with her. She can play a little bit, just not to much. Aside from her condition she is a good dog. Like most shepherds she will bark if theres someone at the door, but is not a real barky dog. She becomes attached to her owner and can be a little protective. She has never bitten anyone but is usually crated when people come over. She is good with children. If you think you may be interested in adopting Mya, please contact me and we can arrange for a meeting. Owner would prefer to stay in Myas life and get updates on her if possible. Adoption fee is negotiable.