Puppies For Sale Male Maltese for Stud

Puppies For Sale 
						Male Maltese for Stud

Sir Gizimoto the Gallant One aka Mr Gizmo is amorous, brave, noble, exceptionally polite, gentle and enjoys giving special attention to females who are in heat. He lives in a fenced in backyard in Wilmington NC and enjoys dating.First we require a brucellosis test, paid for by you. This keeps dogs from becoming sterile.Once female has been in heat 9-12 days, their discharge will be clear. This is the optimal period for breading. It is known as standing heat because the female will stand still for the male to mate.We require the stud fee up front. If Sir Gizimoto and the female dont make puppies then Gizmo will give a second shot at no additional charge.If interested please call or text Charlyne Boyette at 828-450-2919