Puppies For Sale Now accepting Pre-reservation for 2020 Winter litter

Puppies For Sale 
						Now accepting Pre-reservation for 2020 Winter litter

Puppies born 9/05/20. ALL were placed by pre-reservation.Now accepting pre-reservation for Frannie and Daisy to be paired with Otis. Heat cycles are due the month of September.Frannie- first pick is reserved,We thrive to better the breed. Our Bostons are family, they live in our home, run the house, sleep in our beds. Our puppies are not all the same price as no two pups are the same they are priced on sex, size, color, and markings and if you get registry/rights given. Our babies start at 1000 up. We take pride in working with our vet to produce show quality and pet quality Boston’s. Quality healthy pets are priceless! AKC is strictly reserved for show prospect and or hobby breeders that I approve. My babies are for lifetime homes where they are family. Our babies are hand raised in our home,1100 hours of round the clock care. Conditioned to everyday life. They are guaranteed healthy. Our babies are raised on full meat diets and so are the parents.. We have 29 yrs of references across the country to back our reputation in 3 breeds Toy Poodles( retired), Chihuahua’s (retired) now we have Boston’s. Just ask if you need some..You may message me for more details about our babies first.. I do not reply to spam or messages without full name attached. I screen to protect my privacy and home. I also must speak to you by phone I do not do business via email. A signed contract in person is how we place our babies. I will send a picture of babies only you can come meet parents in my home.I am a hobbyist and do not breed for income. I breed for passion of the breed, the love of dogs and the joy they bring to other familys. I do not make income and am very small with 5 Boston’s only
I do not produce more than 20 puppies in a calendar year , I am not a high volume breeder, I am not a individual retail store and I do not sell to brokers or pet stores.A deposit of half the fee of puppy is required with signed contract. Deposits are a measure of good faith, that you intend to purchase a puppy.