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						Poodle miniature stud

Simba is a good poodle according to any person and he is AKC registered. He has won many titles in his life, still working some agility. He has a Schutzhund BH title high in trial. He has won Champion titles in teacup agility (Tach 1) close to a Tach 2 right now. He has trialed in Asca and got some titles. He competed in Petit Prix in teacup agility and finished 9th in his class. He has got titles in Rally obedience he was 20th in one class in the World, and 12th in another class in the World. He has gotten two temperament tests done. He has CGC, CGCA, and CGCU. He got AKC farm test done. He is currently doing some bunny dashes and qualifying in his runs. He got qualifiers in AKC fast CAT. This little guy runs fast and tries hard every time he competes. Great personality and he rules the 3 German Shepherds in the home. He goes to work each day in a treatment center. He is a must for your next stud for your miniature poodle female. He also ran the K-9 Biathalon.