Puppies For Sale Rescued golden retriever

Puppies For Sale 
						Rescued golden retriever

When we rescued her we were told she was 4 years old. She is the sweetest girl ever considering where she came from its amazing. We paid $800 to get her out of the situation she was in. She would be perfect for an older couple or person. She doesnt require any exercise only going outside to do her business. She prefers to lay in a dog bed all the time. She never barks and she does really great on a leash, so if you want to take her for a walk she is fine. We have a very busy home with 11 kids and I feel that she would better come out of her shell in a quieter place. She will need to have someone willing to help her learn to enjoy life. She has been wonderful in the house with only one accident since becoming a house dog. She loves being in the house. . We leave her out in the house all the time when we go places and she has never gotten into anything or made a mess. Weve had her just over a month.