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SMM Pet Odor Candles – ALL of our products are formulated with natural odor neutralizing enzymes that destroy odors rather than just masking them. It’s what makes these products uniquely different from other air fresheners on the market.Benefits of Our Pet Candles – the enzymes absorb the odor from their surroundings into the product, then the enzymes break down the odor’s compound structure, and evaporates the by-product in the form of a clean, natural gas.Each candle is comprised of a paraffin & soy blend in a stylish, fresh pawtastic charming scent in a 13 oz glass jar that’s reusable. Every candle sold supports 2 rescued dogs!Available Fragrances: Good Dog Pawtastic, Maui Wowie Mango, Woofstock, Furry Tails and Pawtopia. Each candle comes with burning instructions and a book of matches.To order please visit www.stillionsminiaturemiracles.com/puppy-products